Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Redefining Leaving

Do you remember that job I resigned from last October? The one I was supposed to work 3 months notice and then leave at the end of January, but my new and old bosses negotiated a deal where I ended up working both jobs at the same time for 6 months? Guess where I am today... Yep, I'm back!

I'm currently sitting at my old desk, or more accurately the space that used to be occupied by my old desk. The office has been refurbished during my 5 month absence, just to prove that some things have moved on in this strange little time warp I seem to be stuck in.

As you can probably tell from my tone, my return is not my idea. My new and old bosses have been negotiating again. I feel there really should be an expiration date for these kinds of negotiations. Then again, I'm of the belief that some day it would be nice to leave a job and well, maybe actually leave... In the mean time I'm back to help out temporarily.

Disturbingly the time scale of 'temporarily' has not been defined. I'm opting for 1 hour, but fear I may be out voted...

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